Accolades won by our exceptional students
Accolades won by our exceptional students
Hamu Mukasa Library, UCU
Hamu Mukasa Library, UCU

Faculty of Science & Technology

FOSTrecognizes the importance of a strategic plan as a framework to guide development. Through strategic consultations, with both internal and external stakeholders, FOST has come up with a strategic plan as a document that gives direction for its planned activities across the next 5 years.


“A centre of Excellence in the Heart of Africa.”


“Training Science Graduates to solve community problems using technology for a prosperous community.”

FOST shares and will work in consort with the five core values that do inform and direct her work. These are:

CHRIST-CENTREDNESS. This is about acknowledging the lordship of Christ in all areas of life and work. Both corporately and individually we seek to know and obey God’s will in every aspect of university life, and we challenge ingrained secular thinking in education.

DILIGENCE. This is about being careful in whatever we do, conscientious work and doing our best at all times to complete work to a high standard, on time and persist when faced with difficulties because our work is a service to Lord Jesus Christ. Col 3:22-25.

INTEGRITY. We hold to sound moral character, as defined by biblical principles of being one person both in public and in private, upholding honesty and transparency, truthful in speech by keeping promises (including time management), being faithful in personal relationships and exercising humility and repentance when we fail.

SERVANTHOOD. We are convinced that all people bear the image of God, therefore we commit to love them as we love ourselves, to model servant leadership, use our positions of influence to build up others rather than as an opportunities for personal power, status or wealth.

STEWARDSHIP. This is about exercising faithful Management of oneself, our relationship and tangible resources. These are given to us in trust, not to be used selfishly, but for God’s glory. Therefore we embrace responsible godly living, and promote godliness in relationships with other people. Thus meaning, using the resources solely for the purpose for which they are given and give accurate and timely accountability.


The core business of FOST is providing training in science and technology. Presently, the faculty has three departments namely

  • Engineering and Environment
  • Agricultural and Biological Sciences
  • Computing and Technology

Under the Engineering and Environmental, we offer i) BSc Civil and Environmental Engineering, ii) Bachelor of Environmental Science, iii) Master of Science in Environment by Research and iv) Master of Science in Water and Sanitation. We have also developed v) Bachelor of Science in Construction and Project management which is still under review awaiting accreditation from NCHE. Under the Department of Agricultural and Biological Sciences, we offer i) Bachelor of Agricultural Science and Entrepreneurship, ii) Bachelor of Science in Food and Science and Technology, iii) Bachelor of Agribusiness Management iv) Master of Science in Agriculture and Rural Development v) Master of Science in Agriculture by Research and have now developed a PhD programme in Agricultural Systems and Value Chain Management (due for submission for accreditation).

Under the Computing and Technology department, we offer i) Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, ii) Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, iii) Bachelor of Science in Computational Scienceand a iv) Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Information Technology (DEIT). We have also written a programme to start BSC Communications and Electronic Engineering due to start in 2018.


The FOST is based at the UCU Mukono Campus. Her programs are run in a number of affiliated campuses that include i) MbaleUCU Constituent College.

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