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CES 2017
Wireless charging may about to become a reality
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Wireless power is still in its infancy, but CES 2017 has marked a significant milestone for the technology.

1000Over the past few years, wires have been cut for everything from internet connections to earphones – but still, almost every device needs to be plugged in at least once a day to charge. That may be about to change.


At CES this year, Dell unveiled the Latitude 7285, a convertible two-in–one Windows 10 computer that gets its power from a desktop wireless charging pad, and Ford announced it would be conducting tests of wireless vehicle charging. But it was Energous that revealed the most interesting development.


The four-year-old company, a CES regular, had something to show of its WattUp wireless system, which beams power to devices using radio frequencies, rather than the magnetic induction used in the the contactless charging of certain smartphones of the past few years. Magnetic induction can’t be used over larger distances, radio frequencies potentially can.

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